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We understood their processes, adapted the solution to their needs, built 188 developments, and 144 changes, in 10 months of project. 18 consultants on the ABAP technical front…


Data Migration Front: A Data Quality and Control Hub was designed to optimize data processing times, analyzing data quality and providing data reconciliation processes….


A work team was consolidated with clear rules that allowed cohesion among members, establishing a sustainable work dynamic with agile methodologies that led to identify a clear scope that really provided value to users.


At Casa de Software: We adapt to your organizational personality. We understood their optimization systems and we enhanced them. With 14 consultants on the ABAP technical front in development construction.


Data migration front: A data migration strategy was defined and implemented that provided the control and quality of its data, obtaining a highly efficient and sustainable system of validation (pre and post), transformation and disposition of data.

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