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Ecopetrol is the second largest oil company in the Americas. It has annual revenues of US$10.84 billion and more than 9,305 employees in Latin America.


Oil company


September 2020




The oil company was using a previous version of SAP, which also had a high level of customization, preventing an automatic migration to the new versions, so the company decided to implement a new instance with the latest version available on the market.

Our first challenge was to build an inventory of custom solutions that existed in the current implementation and required migration to the new SAP instance. Design a migration plan for custom solutions and data to successfully migrate them to the new instance, maintaining the current functionality, but improving its responsiveness and quality of information.


Data migration front: A Data Quality and Control Hub was designed to optimize data processing times, analyzing data quality and providing pre- and post-reconciliation processes with both instances.

Software House: We generated controlled software extraction systems, which reduced the migration of a solution from 3 to 1 working day, implementing quality processes to improve the identified solutions and adjust them to the new SAP version.

  • 28 consultants on the ABAP technical front in development construction.
  • Consulting with the times in mind
  • Automation of repetitive tasks.


  • 28 people on the ABAP technical front in development construction
  • Upgrading to a previous version of SAP and optimizing legacy processes
  • Data migration front-end: we went from 3 to 1 day in the migration process.
  • Software House: We adapt to your organizational personality.
  • 151 migrated developments
  • 302 new developments
  • Personalized technical consultancy, we automate repetitive tasks.
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